Where can 1.5 be found?

I made the mistake of upgrading to 1.6.
Now I’m stuck at Waiting for connection…
I want the old version back, does anyone know where I can download it?

At least until 1.6 isn’t so half-baked…


You’re stuck with 1.6 for now, but that error should be fixed in 1.6.2, and that’ll be released fairly soon.

rapidshare dot com/files/211901881/WhatPulse-1.5-Setup.exe.html
MD5: 5B7C345083B433FE3C01BBDFDC9EAB7F

I have old releases (for Mac also) on our team site:
http://www.whatpulse-team.de/downloads.php (English version is in preparation but not yet finished)

The “Teamseite” links are permanent.

@b[/b] Thanks, but the file was downloaded too many times before I got to it. :frowning:

@theHacker Thanks so much, now I can pulse again. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to 1.6.2, thanks everyone!

THANks! :D:D:D

now my pulsing did start

1.6.2 should be interesting. Hopefully pen drive support. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mentioned to wasted that if he’s not in any rush to get 1.6.2 out, I’ll add in basic pen-drive support.

Does it need pen drive support added, i just copied my Whatpulse folder to a pen drive and ran it on my brother’s PC from a pen drive, logged in as “Portable” on my account, pulsed it and it had no problem.

Using 1.6 of course.


1.56? o_O

You can’t use WhatPulse 1.6 on a pendrive without significant manual effort…

1.6 sorry, o so there is an easier way of doing it then. ok. i think understand now.


You are confusing me BobL, i just tried 1.6 on a pen drive i got it to work,

1.plug in pen drive
2.open Whatpulse
3.log into Portable “computer”
4.use computer for a bit
5.when finish pulse
6.log off
7.take pen drive out

Worked fine.

Question from before was why does 1.6.2 need pen drive support, what would this change about what did here.

You said “You can’t use WhatPulse 1.6 on a pendrive without significant manual effort”

I respond with “o so there is an easier way of doing it then” with 1.6.2 with pen drive support.?

Sorry if i confused you. :slight_smile:

The topics digressing a bit carry it on here if you want http://forums.whatpulse.org/showthread.php?t=4812&page=2

Of course it will work. But it’s still saving the WhatPulse.wpw file to %APPDATA%\WhatPulse\ so for people that have WhatPulse on their pendrive so they can use it on whatever computer they are on, take it home and pulse it (say, at uni, where they can’t pulse there or install it).

Can’t do that with 1.6.

Thank you i understand now.

As I understand it, the .wpw file was located in a place where Vista won’t complain about it. The unfortunate side effect is that you can’t pick where that file goes, anymore.