When installing WhatPulse it asks for Profile

I’ve put in the URL for my profile, I’ve put in my profile name, I don’t know what else to try, any ideas?

I’ve had WhatPulse before, sadly as it turns out I had to have everything off my main drive erased because of a virus. And thus, I forgot to pulse around 160,000 keys and 80,000 clicks. Well enough of that annoying backstory. I just want to install WhatPulse again and get it back to work. Any ideas?

I put in my account name ([mimblewimble]) and my password, and then click “get account information” and it asks me to fill out all areas. Including “Profile” Which I do not know how to fill out. When I DO fill it out, it says “Account [mimblewimble] or profile [mimblewimble] not found!”

Ahh! Hi mimblewimble! :smiley:

Add a new profile here: http://whatpulse.org/my/pulse-profiles/

And make note, you’ll need to have a different profile for each computer you’ll pulse from… otherwise, you’ll get invalid token notes and lose stats :frowning:

Ah, thank you ^^ I already have one that says Home and it worked xD I always seem to miss the simplest solutions.

We’re all allowed to do that from time to time :wink:

But we don’t give a shit that we need to do that from time to time :wink:

So I mean that we like it :slight_smile: (well, at least I do :P)

Meh, it gives us a good excuse to come in and say hi now and then? :slight_smile:

In 1.6 when it asks for Profile
list of Profile’s is Shot PLEASE make it long (to see 5-7 or more Profile ot same time)

What do you mean it’s shot? You can scroll the dropdown box, surely?

It sounds like he’s asking for the dropdown box to be a bit bigger. If nothing else, I’d like it to be a bit wider so you can read longer profile names. It sounds like he wants the box to be taller, so you can view more than one profile at a time - though that should be fine with the drop-down box, as long as people can find it. (I had no troubles, personally)

It was the bug where when you opened it you could only view one or two profiles. I’ve fixed it now. :wink:

and for ALL sorry for my bad English

and for ALL sorry for my bad English[/quote]

Don’t sweat it! We get lots of different folks come here, and English isn’t always their first language. We make do as we can :slight_smile: