WhatStats - an Android WhatPulse Widget

Alpha version just published onto Google Play app market.
It currently only displays username, keys, clicks, DL, UL, and some other stats. I’m still figuring out why it doesn’t properly update when I tap the widget.
I’m thinking of possibly making the main application itself do more than control the widget, possibly drawing fancy graphs / locally tracking user information to plot a time - activity graph.
This app is still definitely a work in progress, I just wanted to show this here to get some feedback/pointers on what to improve.


Thanks for posting that, it looks pretty cool.

Could you not use my username in the screenshots though?

I think its just because he used ID 1.
It looks really cool, I was thinking about Phone apps etc and how whatpulse really should be going down that route considering the entire world is going mobile. But hey.

The way that multi-tasking works on iPhones and Androids is not conducive to an application like WhatPulse to my understanding. It would also promote loads of cheating. This is why we will likely only ever have statistic viewing programs for phones.


I know, thus the but hey. I remember asking about it before when I had a mobile with a physical keyboard.

i think a whatpulse app would be great, where finger taps count as clicks, unless it pertains to when using the keyboard. but something tells me itd be a pretty large app though in order for it to do that.

I dont think its in the works. I think the mobile optimisation will be needed in the future as more people switch to a mobile interface for their everyday computing, but the power of the desktop and laptop is still going strong.