WhatPulse's Future?

Don’t get me wrong, WhatPulse works pretty well. However, we have been waiting on the Linux update and a general facelift for the program (I don’t think we have had one in ages, I certainly don’t remember one since joining in 2018). I was wonder if anyone had any sliver of information as the last dev update I was able to find was Jan 2019. I know someone is still maintaining this project, because the site went down a few months ago and someone brought it back (on top of this the twitter account occasionally makes the odd tweet).

Now, I know I’m not entitled to an answer or update from the dev, but one would be nice since this project is pretty much one of it’s kind. There is no one singular program out there that I can find that counts keypresses, mouse clicks, application usage time, bandwidth usage in one package AND has an online community with teams and all other sorts of goodies AND is cross platform.

It would just be nice to know that WhatPulse has a future and at least some cosmetic updates are in the works. Dark Modes, Metro Theme (or maybe even a theming engine) and of course the fabled Linux fix.

All I really want is to see an update, anything that acknowledges that the dev is still alive and working on this project.

Keep up the good work WhatPulse team and we hope to hear more from you soon.

Honestly it feels like people don’t have the time or will to brag about how much they type etc.
I myself install whatpulse out of old habits. But I don’t know any other reason I have it installed. Perhaps other individuals have the same issues and not using it.

And regarding the Linux client it might have something to do with the amount of people that used it actively when it worked, perhaps it was to few to keep up the work to have it working again?

I’m certainly alive, that’s for sure. Thanks for asking. :wink:

I had a bunch of plans for 2019 (as you saw on the blog), but life hit hard. As you also might know, WhatPulse is a side project and not a full-time gig. It’s basically a 2-man operation on the regular, with some good people contributing to the Linux client. The reason that it’s not available atm, is because of the disparity between Linux distros. After asking for help, there are 2 guys (Zach & Krzysztof) working on a snap package that will allow the client to work on any distro, instead of having a zillion different clients, 1 for each.

Apart from that, I’ve been working on the backend of the website a lot, which isn’t really visible. Same goes for the client, but you’ll be happy to know I’m pretty close to 2.9 beta 1 - which has a lot of backend changes (mostly trying to stabilize the database) and some front end changes. It has a part of the redesign I promised back in 2019. :wink:

Awesome, thanks for the reply man. Love your work, and yeah I know that feeling when life hits. This whole thing is amazing for a side project. I’d love to help contribute but I don’t know anything about QT or Linux engineering so I’m afraid I probably wouldn’t be much help. And yeah I’ve noticed that the backend is still being kept up, for example when there was that certificate or something error that was occurring back in February. Looking forward to 2.9b1, I have my beta client turned on so I hope to be one of the first to test it.

Funny story, I only found out about the rankings and teams the other week. I’ve been snooping around the other functions of WP since, it’s a really cool project and I wish more knew about it (even though Vsause made a video featuring it, which is what brought me here in the first place).

Nice to hear that WhatPulse is still in developement! I use WhatPulse on every computer at the first time I installed the OS. Keep up the good work but in your tempo. Live is a bi… I think everyone had a bad time but without bad times there can’t be good ones :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for keeping Whatpulse going. I’m an Aspie and I absolutely adore it.