whatpulsed loggout out on multiple computers

Today I discovered that Whatpulse logged out on mulitple computers. Result lost 2 weeks uptime, 20.000+ keys and a lot traffic.

Why is Whatpulse doing this strange behaviour?


Windows 7 and Windows 8
x86 and x84

Can you try the newest version? I had that issue with 2.0.4. Since 2.1 and 2.1.1, I have not ran into this issue.

Have you tried a complete uninstall and reinstall? I know when I was on 2.0.4, and went to 2.1b3, I had to do that. Since 2.1b3, I have not had to do that.

yes, tried that also. Also tried reinstalling OS !

Anyway it’s realy strange that it logoff on multiple computers @ the same time.

Wow, that’s a different one. I know mine logs out if you close it and open it back up or restart the computer. I never had it logout while I am using it. Unless yours is crashing and opening back up on its own.

What other software you are running? I wonder if it is a software conflict with something else you are running.

Well there is no software the same on all my computers. Even Windows differs 7&8 - x86&x64

That is weird then. Somehow there is some type of conflict or issue, but just don’t know where. It is confusing me since it works on my computers fine.