WhatPulse With Alternative Input Devices?

I’d like to pose a challenging question: If the traditional mouse/keyboard combo is phased out in the future in favor of new technology like multi-touch, speech recognition, gesture recognition, etc, will WhatPulse adapt to accommodate these futuristic input methods? Are there any plans for this?

I could see where we’d adapt to them. We’ve not really discussed it to my knowledge.


As Century0 said, it’s not been discussed to a great degree. It would of course be possible, however the day where there is enough uptake to warrant such upgrades is a fair way off yet.

Mobile devices is a different kettle of fish - iPhone’s obviously never going to happen, but Android could be a good market for WhatPulse.

The first step would probably be a Android version with different statistics like taps & touches.

taps dont work on windows tablets, atleast on mine (asus t100), which is kinda a bummer cause i’m always taping the screen…

Tablets are not supported by WhatPulse.