WhatPulse very unreliable lately...

First things first.

  1. I’m running the latest version, 2.4 if I remember correctly. I didn’t install the Beta because I couldn’t find any fixes for my problem in the patchnotes.
  2. My OS is Windows 7 64 bit ; absolutely everything up-to-date
  3. Yes, running it as Admin with Admin rights.
  4. No error messages.
  5. Just Realtek AudioManager, Avast!, Catalyst 14.7, Logitech SetPoint and OneDrive

Now, what’s the matter? Well, I’m not sure when this started happening first because I simply don’t look at WhatPulse all the time, but WhatPulse randomly quits itself without any error message whatsoever… also it doesn’t start on Windows startup although there is the UAC message asking for permission. (edit: I had these problems before, but they were gone with v2.2, now they seem to be back -.-)

I have already tried to manually set it for autostart - no effect.

What else could I do? (especially to get rid of random crashes, because that’s more annoying than having to start WP manually)

Check the app.log in C:\Users{username}\AppData\Local\WhatPulse

Thx. I’m not sure what to look for though. (found nothing special that says ‘error’, ‘crash report’ or something like that - just “packet capture failure detected” from time to time)