Whatpulse using 200MB of RAM

I had this problem with 2.2.1 and I though updating to 2.3 would fix it, but it’s still here. Whatpulse is using 200MB of RAM. Is this normal or is there a fix?

Screenshot of task manager with Whatpulse at the top of the list for most Memory taken.

That is not normal, no. The client should take about 15-30MB of RAM.

It’s likely to be caused by a third party hook; the winpcap installation. Try disabling network stats and restarting the client. If that helps, reinstall winpcap with the latest version (or just uninstall it, if you can live without the detailed network stats)

I’m having this issue… but with larger values… on linux and osx 10.6.

I’m currently transferring a lot of data between servers (2x 300MBit uplink helps :wink: ) and sometimes… even with local traffic… whatpulse eats up gigabytes of RAM/Swap (my swap partition of 10G was filled by it!). The only solution I came up with was writing a cronjob that kills the process when it reached a certain memory print size.
I do this because the main disk is a SSD…

Is this a memleak in pcap? And/or isn’t there an easier way to count network stats than pcap?

Windows 7 Service Pack 1
I have tried disabling network stats and reinstalling winpcap and neither fixes the memory problem. I have noticed that the memory jumps from 5k to 200k when I’m opening up the Whatpulse window. I have tried not opening the window but it seems to jump up to 200k again after a while.

Any tips to set this up because I think Whatpulse is what is causing me to lag while playing my games? Rhythm games are really keyboard intense and I would like to record my keyclicks and play without getting my combo broken because of lag spikes.

I could see if I can come up with a solution for windows - might take a while - but I’m pretty sure that would not solve your problem, it would make it worse: killing and then restarting the application would cause huge lags. especially if you’re on a system which has to swap a lot, e.g. does not have enough ram. Even worse: it might kick you out of the game because it might start in the foreground.

^ The main problem is the fact that whatpulse is taking up too much memory and I was attempting to provide some insight on what might cause it. Though a temporary solution for windows would be really nice.

Oh my problem is a lilttle different because mine actually jumps to 400mb instead of 200mb.

I’ve disabled the network stats and unfortunately it doesn’t help at all…

80 mb with open window, 5 mb with closed gui…

I think this is normal, cause Firefox and IE takes up to 8 GB.
Windows 8.1 latest pcap.

For some reason. Opening the Whatpulse window and closing it brings its RAM down to 6MB, after which it slowly climbs back to 240MB. I can repeat this over and over.