Whatpulse stops counting after a while?

Hi there !

I got a little problem, i found out that my Whatpulse wasnt registrating my keys, or clicks or miles that i moved. Now, im running Whatpulse as Administrator, it stops counting Clicks from my mouse. It registrates my miles, but not the click’s.

Any idea?



Operating System?

Windows7 Ultimate x64

Vista or 7? :slight_smile: If your using Windows 7 there won’t be much support available yet (I think the next Whatpulse version will address some problems with Win7?)

Fuck, sorry, forgot the 7 :slight_smile: (Advanced user :p). Well, strange enough, it worked fine to me. Weird that it stopped counting my clicks.

Fixed in next version

Keep up the good work. Figured something out though, when i restart Whatpulse, it starts counting again, but for how long is the question :stuck_out_tongue:

It just happens once in a while that it will stop counting until you restart it. It’s supposed to be fixed in the next version. Just wait. :slight_smile:


Ill be patience :wink:

Just install Beta2 and it looks like it’s working as it should be :slight_smile: