WhatPulse Signature Image

I have crated & coded a new service. It creates signature image for forums and whatnot. It is free and I think it is good, please tell me what you think.


[edit] image works with the forum just fine now.

I like it :slight_smile:

Mine’s works? :smiley:

No, weird, I hope it would be fixed fast :smiley:

I plan on adding more styles, is there any color or fashion anyone prefers.

Well, maybe you can make something that they can add their own color and styles? I think it’s easy because many teams have their own style on the forum or site so they want the sig to look like that :wink:

Edit: tried to make a team sig, but then I get a sig of wasted :S Tried with this team (GoT):


Sorry, I should have put beta beside it. It will be fixed today, probably now.

I am working on the text color and custom image code now. Keep the feedback coming, I plan on making this a nice service.

fixed wp.osphp.net/serve/sigt.png?tm=1295&bgm=1

still working on the customize feature.

finished custom color and background image.
am working on custom team sig now.

finished the team customize code, it all seems to be working well

Yes, it is working now and well :slight_smile:

I also like the thing you can add your own image and choose your own text color :slight_smile:

Very nice :smiley:

I added the option to use qoute codes. %ip% will show the viewers IP address.

Your IP is: %ip%
Your IP is:

You are running: %os%
You are running: WinXP

This are very cool I think.

I have updated the service. Read Here: wp.osphp.net

I will update the team sig’s soon.

Team Sigs updated. All sigs have nice url that work with any forum software.

it’s nice and clean melikes :stuck_out_tongue:

looks neat!

what about resizing the stats if there is no quote?

I have a forum up on the site, all new will be posted there.