Whatpulse Should be Available on Tablets, iPods and Phones

Thread subject says it all

Asked many times before.

It’s very difficult due to the way the input works.

Not possible to prevent cheating or secure the program appropriately. You also have issues with the sand boxing of applications on tablets and phone operating systems.


I would love to have this on my Android, I wouldn’t be surprised if I type more on my phone than I do on my computer at times.

Would it be possible to have it do only Uptime, Upload and Download?

i have it running on my asus t100, which is a windows tablet.

Whatpulse doesn’t register taps, nor keys from the touch keyboard. Maybe that should get fixed first.

“fix” isn’t correct because it’s not a bug. You’re using it on a tablet, which WhatPulse just does not support right now.

That said, definitely sounds doable vs. Tealdragon204’s suggestion.

Considering the way technology is going it certainly needs to be done. Windows Tablets are actually just a laptop with a touchscreen input.

However i do see the challenges this produces for WhatsPulse as each click on the application keyboard will almost certainly be registered as a click of the mouse too.