WhatPulse review on Youtube I stumbled across

Hey guys,

Just checked out this WhatPulse review I stumbled onto on Youtube, if nothing else the kids efforts are certainly appreciated and a perfect example of how to expand our own reach and and encourage this type of activity around the net in various places.

THAT vid is @ http://youtu.be/T-CHz7zIIrA so go check it out, keeping in mind it is an amateur vid.

Of course we have our own Youtube channel which is currently ghosted, but I have no doubt we’ll crank that up as well when the time is right.

If you want to just Subscribe and jump on board and check out the videos that ARE there, the URL is: http://www.youtube.com/officialwhatpulse

I see we have 96 Subscribers which is awesome, for when we decide what to do with the channel exactly and when. The more subscribers we have the better so we’ll be able to hit the ground running with whatever we might have planned coming down the road.

-PF / Scott

Man, the first 10 seconds of that video were hilarious. “A” for effort, though.

Holy shit those first seconds… He tried :slight_smile:

LOL yea, poor kid :wink:

But hey, definitely give him credit for the effort for sure, and if it helps expand our reach/encourage others to post similar reviews and such, GREAT! We -DO- have an official youtube channel but that’s just chillen for now.

HERE is an outstanding one I came across, very well done IMO

Check it out


God I worried a bit thinking this was going to be the one you made me do.


ForoCoches team :roto2: