WhatPulse Only Recording LAN Usage


I’ve recently installed WhatPulse and Winpcap, but the software only seems to record my LAN usage. I can confirm because on the “Network Interfaces” menu, it only said Realtek PCIe Gigabit, and it is only active when I transfer files within my network. However, I want this program to record both the traffic from that (Realtek PCIe Gigabit), and from my connection via PPPoE. Thanks in advance!


  1. WhatPulse 2.4.1
  2. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
  3. Yes, administrator privileges
  4. None
  5. Antiviruses have been turned off, but doesn’t change anything
  6. None


What kind of interface is the PPPoE interface? As the E stands for ethernet, I would assume you have two ethernet interface cards in your computer?

It’s very possible that WinPcap (the capturing library) doesn’t detect your PPPoE virtual (?) interface, because the traffic will go over your ethernet interface anyway.

Here is my list of connections. WhatPulse is only recording traffic off of the LAN, which is the highlighted one in this window. As said in the OP, I can tell it is only tracking LAN traffic the stats only go up when I use programs like BitTorrentSync. How can I fix this?

I believe your WAN traffic goes over the same interface you can LAN, the PPPoE interface is just a virtual interface that doesn’t have any real traffic. Capturing the Realtek interface is all your traffic.

Okay, why is it not recording my traffic then?

It is, it is just not going over your PPPoE interface, it’s going over your Realtek interface. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand though, for testing purposes, I’ve deliberately downloaded large files, but my downloaded is still 0.98 MB…what’s the problem here

Do you have some screenshots of the network stats in your client? That might help me understand better what you’re describing. It’s counting ‘something’, even if it’s just a small bit, something is coming through, so that should mean it should be able to count everything. When you say ‘downloading large files’, I assume you mean downloading from the internet right, not from your LAN?

Yes - you are right, I meant that I was downloading big files off the internet. The 0.98 MB (now 1.36 MB) is referring the stuff that I downloaded via LAN. I believe that it should be about to count everything, but it’s not. I attached the file of the screenshot of my client. As you can see, the download speed is zero, but I am currently streaming off of Youtube.

Alright, the “Internet: No” part also tells you that the client cannot connect to the internet. Are you sure you’re not running any antivirus type of program that is blocking the client from getting any information? 90% of these problems is that, or WinPcap not installed…

I just checked, and WinPcap has been installed all the time. Also, WinPcap and WhatPulse has been added to the exclusions in my antivirus, and I’ve never gotten a notification that these programs are a problem.

Edit: I just updated, and when it ran the cleanup file, it got detected as Variant.Kazy by BitDefender. Is this a false positive?

Well, something is blocking the client…probably only if you find out what, will it work as you want it to.