WhatPulse on Tablet PCs?

Does anyone know if WhatPulse will work on Tablet PCs running Windows 7 (such as this one)?

What about the ipad/android tablets? Are there any plans to develop applications for them?

I don’t have much information for you but I can tell you what I know. Creating a WhatPulse client for the iPhone has been discussed several times on this forum and the main reason that one does not exist is because of no Multi Tasking. These answers were from a few years ago when there was no Multi Tasking on the iPhone…

I only bring up the iPhone because the iPad uses the same operating system iOS. iOS does support multi tasking now, though it’s a little different than a computer’s multi tasking. When you open another application the previous application doesn’t close or it doesn’t remain running normally in the background: it “pauses.” That means that it isn’t really running. There are some exceptions and that is VOIP, music and GPS functions can be called while an app is running in the background, but for the most part applications running in the background aren’t really running.

I also haven’t looked at the iOS APIs available to developers but I’d have a hard time imagining that Apple would have let system wide “keys” be one of the ones available. Does that mean that there isn’t an API? Maybe but if an app uses an undocumented API it wouldn’t be allowed in the App Store and then could only be available for jailbroken devices (a small number compared to unjailbroken devices).

I don’t think we’ll ever get a WhatPulse client for iOS because of those reasons and if it could work on a jailbroken device the amount of resources dedicated to writing the client would far outweigh any benefits to the small market of potential users.

Maybe there will eventually be a high enough demand for an iOS WhatPulse but I’ll let the client developers cover that one.

I have no information on the Tablet PCs running Windows 7 or Android but to me it looks like there is a high chance the current Windows client would work with the Win 7 tablet PC. Hopefully someone can confirm that answer for you!

There will never be one for any non-jailbroken iOS device - it’s simply impossible. We don’t have time for developing them for jailbroken devices either.

If the tablet runs a full version of Window 7 (I don’t follow them so I don’t know how they work), then WhatPulse will more than likely work for keys and clicks. No milage would count as there just wouldn’t be any. Depending on changes Microsoft has made, WhatPulse may not run natively and may crash on a tablet device.

Haven’t even considered android devices but I’m assuming the answer would be a mix between the two above.

As we always say, buy us one of the devices and we’ll happily give it a go :wink:

It’ll work fine on a Windows tablet [At least, it should.]. Unless you use a physical keyboard, it probably won’t count anything more than clicks though.

Yeah, it won’t track near as many miles, as it would all be touch based, and including the onscreen keyboard, it would all be nothing but mouse presses, unless it had a dedicated keyboard on the casing which I have seen a couple. Granted this is all in theory.