Whatpulse on Raspberry Pi


has anyone found a way to use Whatpulse on a Raspberry Pi? I tried it some time ago but didn’t even manage to install it. Is there a way or is it to much for the Pi?

Qt seems to work on that, but I haven’t heard of anyone getting it to work, or even trying. Depending on the distros available on it, I’d say have a go.

Hello Martijn :),

is there maybe chance that you know someone that figured out how to install WhatPulse on Raspberry Pi 3 by now?
Things have changed dramatically over the past few years, so I think WhatPulse on Rpi3 should be pretty much possible at this time.

I will continue to search the web for tutorial or smth, but help from you or anyone else reading this would be much appreciated!


No change, there hasn’t been anyone that have come forward. :wink: