WhatPulse not working in Microsoft Access?

Hi. I’m a new user, and from what I can see WhatPulse is not working in Microsoft Access.
I’m using Windows 8 and Access 2010.
Is it just me or do other users also get it? Any workarounds or fixes?

What did you mean?


Looks all good.

Yeah, what do you mean with ‘not working’ - which part of WhatPulse is not working for you?

Thanks for replies. I can also see from the link provided that it works for other people.
But I tested numerous times. My keyboard and mouse clicks in MS Access are not counted. As soon as I go to another app, it starts counting again. But nothing from Access.
Since other people have it working it’s not WhatPulse, but might be a setting on my PC. Just no idea what it might be.

Did u try running wp as Administrator? (Found in Settings)

I have a similar issue in GRID 2: Whatpulse will count clicks but not keystrokes in this application only.

Thanks - this fixed it.