Whatpulse not registering clicks

I’m sure this issue is already known but I was wondering if there was going to be any closure to the issue. I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate, and I play the game RuneScape, which uses Java to run. When in that window, whatpulse doesn’t register clicks. Will this bug be fixed?

Edit: That’s 64-Bit windows by the way, if that matters. I’m no expert on this stuff.

Edit 2: Nevermind! I found a solution to this problem. What I did is I went to C:\Program Files(x86)\WhatPulse and I went into the properties of the WhatPulse.exe. I changed it under the Compatibility tab so that it ran in compatibility with Windows XP (SP2) and I also set it so that this program ran as administrator (at the bottom). So far this seems to have fixed my issue.

WhatPulse isn’t designed to run on 64-Bit, which is probably why :wink:

Yes, but 64-bit versions of Windows are supposed to emulate 32-bit applications just fine. Although, making drivers work is another challenge entirely - but that’s more or less if you’re doing an upgrade on laptops preloaded with 32-bit operating systems. I don’t know why, but computer manufacturers aren’t adopting 64-bit OSes like they’re supposed to. Heck, you’ll need it if you ever plan to use more than 4gb of ram.

in last 2-3 day’s on 2003x64 pulse not send (((

compotebile mode (ХР) not help:confused:

Kodak the website was down and 1.6 has connection issues. You should know this and I very much doubt it’s because you’re on an x64.

Just because there’s a compatibility mode, doesn’t necessarily mean it works. However if it does fix the problem, then fine. But development-wise, I can’t possibly support an x64 architecture but I’ll remember to suggest compatibility and administrator mode in future :wink:

[quote=bobL]But development-wise, I can’t possibly support an x64 architecture[/quote]Why not? :stuck_out_tongue: Need someone to donate a computer first?

Pretty much :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Well, just the OS and a new HDD. I have x64 hardware. :x