Whatpulse Network for iOS and Android?

Hi guys! i have a little idea for iOS or Android or all non Windows/Mac/Linux devices… It sounds really bad but i want to try my own this. :slight_smile:

How about to create on a PC that is like 24/7 a Virtual Machine where is running Linux with Whatpulse. In this is a Virtual Router that is reachable over Wlan. So my question is: How i can reach a virtual router on a virtual machine?

Anyways do you like this idea so far? Better than nothing! :slight_smile:

Sorry for bad english!

Not sure what you want to accomplish, create a proxy server? There are a lot of solutions for that.

I want to use a Virtual Machine with VMware for example. Because i don’t want to lose my stats for my PC because yeah i want both :slight_smile: in a virtual Machine you can create a virtual router for connecting non Windows etc. devices. So the devices are directly connect to the virtual machine. So the REAL pc can work with himself account and the other devices with another. Thats my plan.

The client will filter out that sort of traffic, so it’s not counted. Basically to prevent what you want to do. :wink:

Grrr ok! :slight_smile: but i won’t give up! Oh wait… on my Mac i can share my internet i just tried that… so lan is normal… Wlan is the router for iOS… its working! Hehehe but so my Mac doesn’t get real counted… So if there is another way to get this please tell me! :slight_smile:

There isn’t; the client filters out local traffic.

I remember my friend refusing to use WhatPulse, because it didn’t filter local traffic for him, and he counted that as cheating D:
He got like 200 GB of upload pretty fast by moving some files to network drive or something.