Whatpulse.mrc file, what is it?

I want to learn more about whatpulse so I downloaded the other download files. but I can’t find on the site or anywhere else what the whatpulse.mrc file is for. can anyone tell me?
thanks in advance! ^^

It’s just an mIRC script for IRC, which posts your stats in channels.


If you’re curious to exactly what it outputs, it’s something along the lines of this:

*** WhatPulse updating stats
*** WhatPulse stats finished updating (933 bytes downloaded).
16:29:57 <@Carbon> WhatPulse - Carbon: [TotalKeyCount: 13592504 / TotalMouseClicks: 2219125 / TotalMiles: 186.871 ] [Rank: 6356 / Pulses: 1236 ] [AverageKeys/sec: 0.38 / AverageClicks/sec: 0.06 ]

That’s not exact, and it can be customized quiet a bit.

ok, thank you.