Whatpulse MAC PowerPC Support


Since 2.0 the Whatpulse MAC PowerPC client doesn’t work anymore. Will there be support (or even a streamlined version of the client) available for Mac PowerPC users?



Simple answer; no.

PowerPC CPUs have been out of production (in macs) since 2006, the MacOS has dropped it a few major versions back, they are end of life.

I’m actually kind of surprised you say “doesn’t work anymore” - which implies 1.2 does work on PowerPC. If it did; that was unintentional, it was never tested or designed for PowerPC.

Ah that’s a shame.

Yeah V1.2.1 worked fine for PPC.

Doesn’t work anymore what i really meant was since the I’ve pulsed from another machine running 2.0, I therefore can’t pulse or upgrade on this Mac version.

Only way around that is to recreate your computer profile. You can delete it from the “My WhatPulse” and create it again.