WhatPulse logs off after reboot

I have WhatPulse working fine on one PC with Windows 7.
However, I have tried on two others which are running Vista and Windows 7, and after I turn off the PC and turn it back on, I have to log in every time. Very annoying :dodgy:

Well, now its logging in. However, I unchecked the “Open main window” button and set to pulse every 8000 keys. But when I turn off PC and turn it back on, it opens the main window the pulse is changed back to every 1000 keys.
I’m running the latest version on a Vista laptop.

The current beta should fix this (http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=2804) and if it doesn’t, it has better logging which should allow us to see why it doesn’t remember your account.

I had the same problem at work on my Win7 machine. A de-installation and fresh installed fixed the problem for me.