Whatpulse is tracking LAN activity

I use network shares in Windows, Whatpulse is tracking me moving files between computers on my lan as download/upload data. This makes my network stats completely irrelevant because they are wrong and will continue to be wrong.

I think it should only track download/upload data from the internet. Is there a way I can fix this or does it need an update?

(Version 2.0.4 - Windows 7 x64)

Unless you’re using external IPs inside your LAN, this will not happen. If you are using external IPs inside your LAN, shame on you. :wink:

I’m not using external IP’s, It’s going to 192.168.1.*** IP’s in my LAN when I transfer files/folders, but it’s still counting it…

The unpulsed figure will not go up when you do this, the rest of the stats will, maybe that’s the confusion. It’s hardcoded into the client to not count local traffic as unpulsed data.

I’m not sure what you mean by unpulsed. The data I have in the client is the same as the pulsed data shown on my profile, it is the same before and after being pulsed, and it is counting local to local and internet transfers.

Check the overview tab, there you can see the “Down, Up & Unpulsed” values. With external traffic, both increment and with internal traffic, only the Down/Up increment.

I cut and paste a rar file from my local drive to my lan network drive which is mounted as a network mapped share (with a drive letter) in windows explorer, my unpulsed went from 50KB uploaded to 250MB uploaded, the same size as the rar.

Any chance you’re using IPv6 for that copy? It looks like I’m a broken record, but it’s simply impossible for IPv4 internal traffic to be counted.

I think I know what it is, I remember the same bug happened with NetWorx, I contacted them and they fixed it in version 5.1.7. It’s VirtualBox, it creates a virtual ethernet connection which is always connected even if you aren’t using a VM.

It’s the exact same issue I remember having with NetWorx tracking my local traffic so it must be VirtualBox.

Yup sure enough, I uninstalled VirtualBox (I only had it installed on the machine I was transferring from) and the problem is gone.

Do you have the ethernet connection details? Like what IP configuration it had?

Well I’ve uninstalled it now, but it’s pretty much the same as my friends:

The only difference being that on mine, there was no ipV6 DNS servers listed

I can confirm it is capable of tracking LAN activity on all of the following networks:,,,
I use in my own network, because of running a VPN for my friends, so they don’t have an IP conflict with anything on their end. Whenever traffic goes through the VPN, to a local network machine, it counts towards my bandwidth. As does any traffic to my 172x network, and 192x network. I have several networks, and my desktop connects to all of them. They all count toward bandwidth.

So, I have no clue how you have it programmed to be “impossible” but it is fully possible.

Like I mentioned before, if you are using a public IP range (which you are; the, it will count it.

And it’s very simple; whatever comes from an internal range and is sent to an internal range is discarded in the unpulsed stats.

I’ve re-installed VirtualBox now because I need to use it and the problem is back with it tracking my internal traffic. The properties box is identical to the one in the screenshot I provided before.