Whatpulse is only pulsing SOME presses?

As a forensic computing student and heavy gamer, I spend a lot of my time on the computer. I’ve always thought of software like this but never knew it existed.
So I downloaded whatpulse a while back. I created a team with my friends at college and we all joined the team. Everything was going well but randomly I would pulse and nothing would happen. My key presses would be gone forever and nothing pulsed. I decided a fresh start was needed when I got my new computer.
I decided to wait until 01/01/2013 until I began using whatpulse again. The software had AWESOME updates such as the data stats which I loved.

Anyways, i’m dragging on a little…
After 1 - 2 months, I pulsed a few hundred thousand key presses only. But nothing happened again.
I will also point out at this point, I had a new computer completely built from scratch with no data being transferred except files (I.E my computer wasn’t blocking it or anything). I have very low security on my router at home and don’t have an antivirus or firewall on my machine (I don’t need it).

So, now it’s been 3 months since my “new” whatpulse. I just attempted to pulse 1.3M key presses and 535k~ clicks.
Here are the exact results…

So after attempting to pulse, I checked my profile and something very strange indeed is going on… It hasn’t accurately pulsed. It HAS pulsed which is certainly progress but it hasn’t pulsed everything…

You can see clearly this isn’t what it was supposed to pulse…

Also worth noting, before I pulsed I updated to client to 2.0.4 to attempt to maximize the possibility of a successful pulse.

I am running windows 7 64 bit. Not sure if the hardware specs are really necessary here. But if anybody wants them, I can post them.

I have since reset the token which claimed would reset my local scores but hasn’t. (Which is a good thing in my opinion…). Just wasn’t sure if this was relevant information.

Thanks for reading, Hopefully I can get this resolved :s.

Total Uptime: 14 hours
54 reboots
1.3 million key presses? WTF?

Notice your pulse was only 8hrs long. If you have had to relog in at all to Whatpulse (beacuse of a system BSOD, hard reset or WP crashing) it loses the previous token but still keeps the local clicks, but won’t pulse them.

Long story short: Set it to pulse more often.

That’s exactly what keeps happening. Whatpulse forces me to log in again sometimes…
Thanks for your help man. Hopefully I keep my local stats since I wanted to do a 1 year thing so that on 01/01/2014 I could see my progress…

This was the problem, I’m pretty sure about it. And go with 2.0.1a, because it is most stable version.

And you can read more about crashes/had to log in again, my data is lost@