Whatpulse is not recognizing internet traffic


It records the traffic under the summary, but it does not get pulsed.
I assume it counts as Local Traffic.

In this particular case i was syncing to Google Drive.

Is this a router setting i need to change for the internet traffic to be counted correctly or something similar?


Prime example of what’s going on.
And it’s not my PC. Same thing on 3 different PC’s.

No reply from Devs or anything. I wont continue with Premium and uninstall.

I have a similar problem - with all PCs and Linux/Windows. Above a certain speed, traffic is not counted. Started realizing it when my internet became faster than ~200MBit. So above something like 20MByte per second it suddenly is not counted at all - I suspect that the library being used can’t cope with that amount of data - or it’s a safety thing. I also noticed more memory leaking (it got better over time - the early client was a real problem there) the faster you transfer data. Found that out by using FileZilla and activating speed limits.

I guess the problem would only solve itself if network traffic would not be inspected anymore and all traffic would be counted equally, it being internal or external - that would just require reading the information from the network interface.

Would be nice to hear something from the Devs.
But people with +1 PB upload can’t really have that restriction imposed on them.

Well… I looked at the top guy and it looks plausible… → max. I could see was 50GB download in an hour from one pc → ~14MB per second, that falls below 20MB per second.
The guy has 5 PCs → each of them could be running at e.g. 15MB per second and it would add up over time. Traffic monitoring is a feature for years now…

I also noticed that it depends a bit on the hardware and OS. newer pc could handle a bit more… but that might also just be either a coincidence or me not measuring properly :wink:

My computer cannot log in the client, could you please help me to solve it

[quote=“Aron77, post:7, topic:15185”]
My computer cannot log in the client, could you please help me to solve it
[/quote]What does that have to do with my thread?

You could try exchanging WinPcap with Npcap. https://nmap.org/npcap/
WinPcap does not support NDIS 6.0 which is used since Windows 7 and so traffic can slip through.

On the WinPcap page you are also referred to Npcap, which I have been using for several months now and have no problems with it. (No guarantee)
Quit WhatPulse → uninstall WinPcap → install Npcap and start WhatPulse. Maybe a restart if it doesn’t work immediately.

Here you can also find the hints of the WinPcap developer: https://www.winpcap.org/