Whatpulse is counting my clicks


WP is counting my clicks, but i turned already off.
Can someone help me?

And sorry about my bad englisch…

Restart the program and it should be fine.


[quote=Century0]Restart the program and it should be fine.


Don’t work



  1. Which version of WhatPulse are you running?
  • The latest version is
  1. What is your WhatPulse Username?
  • Luuukk
  1. What version of Windows are you using?
  • Windows Vista (64-Bit)
  1. If you are using version 1.6 or higher, are you logged into an administrator account on Windows so that WhatPulse can access Windows correctly?
  • Yes
  1. What error messages are you receiving (if applicable)?
  • No error.
    I don’t want to tell my clicks, i turned it off in the settings, but nothing works.
  1. What programs were you running when the issue happened? VM-ware and certain higher-privilege programs can cause compatibility issues.
  • No one

The latest version of WhatPulse is 1.7, update it.

Updated. but still the same problem

It doesn’t work on my side either. To increase the chance of a dev noticing the issue, file a bug report at http://redmine.whatpulse.org

4 days ago i posted it.
i have no answer, can nobody find a solution?

Post it on the redmine and it’ll be fixed in a future update.


[quote=Century0]Post it on the redmine and it’ll be fixed in a future update.


I did that.
And when is the new update?

Whenever the devs have the time to work on it. So, it’s done when it’s done.