WhatPulse has unusually high HDD activity

About every hour, whatpulse.exe’s HDD activity will spike up for 20-60 seconds, and noticeably slow down my computer. Screenshots are attached. Why is it doing this and/or how do I get it to stop? I’m using WhatPulse 2.4 on Windows 7 x64.

EDIT: I realized this seems to line up with sickbeard.exe’s hourly searches. But why is WhatPulse affected like this whenever SickBeard does a search?

Does SickBeard utilize a large amount of network traffic when it activates? If so, it is possible that the added HDD is a result of it tracking your network traffic.


I don’t think so, but I’m not sure. My understanding was that it was just checking a few RSS feeds.

Anyway, I don’t use SickBeard anymore so I closed it, and while I haven’t been paying very close attention to it, it seems like WhatPulse’s spikes are down to 1-5 seconds which is a lot more reasonable. I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it starts misbehaving again.

I also noticed that my whatpulse.db file is 66MB. Is that normal? That seems very large (or maybe I just don’t know what it’s storing).
EDIT: Just saw in another topic that 100MB is considered large, so it looks like mine’s normal.