WhatPulse Error

Version: 1.7
Windows 7 64bit.

I can’t post a picture since I don’t have 15 posts but… the error when I try to pulse is a box that comes up and says Account at the beginning then all these weird columns of odd characters then at the end it says not found!

What does this mean? I tried to unistall and reinstall twice. I’ve never had this problem before… so I have no clue what could be wrong. I’ve been using this program for years.

Get some images anyway, just to help. Just post a partial link, or something.

Anyway, the odd characters makes me suspect that your user info just became corrupt. Log out, and back into the program. Any existing keys, clicks, and mlies will be lost.

I saw this a couple of times while I was testing alpha builds, but I don’t know what was making it happen - But I can confirm it’s corruption somewhere down the line.

If it still happens after logging out and back in again, then delete the data files in the WP folder (there’s a link in the tray menu to get you directly to the data folder), and if that fails, I’m going to say it’s something to do with the profile you’re using.

Haha, thanks guys. Logging out did work, lost a good sum but oh well. Thanks a lot.

blame me, i’m sure it’s my fault :stuck_out_tongue:

We always blame you, bobL. <3