Whatpulse does not track application network usage

Hello, for a while now I have been using whatpulse and have come across this problem where my application data is not tracked by the ‘applications’ tab in the manager, but will still show up in the ‘facts’ area of the program.

Attached is a screenshot of the problem I am facing, the second tab has been greyed out since I installed. I have reinstalled the program and have also reinstalled windows, to no avail. Would appreciate help with this!

Do you have installed WinPCap.
It comes with whatpulse. At the end of the installation (before finished screen) the installer asks you if you wan’t to install winpcap for network tracking.

Without WinPcap whatpulse won’t track network application usage.
(website: http://www.winpcap.org/)
Kind Regards

Yes, I have the latest version of winpcap installed. It won’t track network usage at all without it. and I’m quite aware of this.

It looks like the screenshot doesn’t really say it (it should have a big image in the middle box), but per application statistics is a premium feature. Have a look here: http://whatpulse.org/premium/

That’s strange as one of my friends has said that he has that feature (and he just started using it). He has reaffirmed me that he’s not paying for premium, either (not that he has the money lol).

Thank you for answering my question quickly!

There’s a 2 week trial when you sign up so you can have a look at the features, that’s why your friend has it. It’s mentioned in the welcome email. :wink: