Whatpulse does not remember my account info

on Ubuntu 12.10
client is 2.0.4

recently every time i start whatpulse it asks me to enter my account information. If i exit WP and start it back up it’ll ask again. This makes auto-start during system reboots non-functional as well.

I deleted my ~/.config/whatpulse directory. Now when i start it up and save settings that directory isn’t created (maybe the config has moved in this version).

Anyone have any suggestions?

Run it via command line, it will most likely tell you your system is missing the required SSL libraries. This was a soft requirement in 2.0, is a hard requirement for 2.1, so it’s more clear there.

nope, no warnings. it was working before so this seems unlikely to be the problem.

It did start working again once i forced it to pulse before quiting. It now seems to remember my info. It seemed that i was forced to pulse in order for my settings to take hold. I am unable to recreate the issue.

[quote=“drdamour, post:3, topic:11969”]it was working before

[…] I am unable to recreate the issue.[/quote]

Same here, installed the Beta client and only have to deal with the periodic Segmentation fault crashing (what looks like on database backup; what seems to be a known issue)

run a older version to set your account info - after saving you can start the current version