WhatPulse crashing and burning CPU on wake from sleep/hibernation


My issue appears to be similar to this: High CPU Usage - On wake-up - #5 by ClayC

Some (but not all of the time), on my Framework (1135G7; 32GB RAM Win10 21H2); WhatPulse will crash upon resuming from sleep/hibernation and burn enormous amounts of CPU power in this state until killed and brought back, where then it will work fine until a subsequent unlucky resume.

In writing this, I’ve tried to trigger it, but it seems as though it may require a longer time suspended, so when next I encounter this, I will attempt to get screenshots to exemplify my issue.

If there are other pieces of helpful information I should provide, please inform me.


Here we go!

Upon wake, see that it’s unhappy, click once on the window, see this:

How it appears in Task Manager:

And in Process Hacker 2 (though I don’t know what I’m doing, really):

(I know very little about the stack):

(Though Process Hacker 2 seems to indicate that it’s not using that much CPU; I really don’t know how it’s reported.)


Looking at WhatPulse’s (AppData/Local/whatpulse/app.log), it seems as though it may be having issues with Pcap stuff.
Here are the last two lines, the first of which seems to be commonplace in the log.
03-05-2022 21:55:59.515 DEBUG GetModuleFileNameEx failed for processId: 66364 0 03-05-2022 21:55:59.616 DEBUG void __thiscall PcapNetworkTrafficMonitor::refreshInterfaces(void) Unable to find network interfaces via normal APIs, trying pcap alternative..

Anyway, I’d appreciate advice about how to have WhatPulse…not do this and hang until manually killed and restarted.


Hi @Tedster - this is an issue with the networking stack. When the timing is just right and the network of your computer isn’t online yet, the client can go into a spin. It’s been fixed in the 4.0 beta, which will be generally released soon.

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I’ve now installed the update and it seems good, though I prefer the previous UI :grin:

Let’s see if all is well (: