Whatpulse crashes often

There was this issue on 2.0.1 where the Whatpulse client would silently crash every 15 minutes or so. I upgraded to 2.0.4 hoping the issue would go away, but if anything, it’s become even more frequent - every 5-10 minutes. I’ve had to create a bat file that runs as a scheduled task to restart the client every 5 minutes if it’s not running.

The crashes are completely silent, there’s no error message or anything. The application just stops running. Doesn’t seem to happen as often if the Geek Window is open, though when the Geek Window is running it posts a dialog saying the program has not run correctly and must be shut down.

Can’t find a log file for the latest version, the logs only go up to January.
I’m running Windows 7 64-bit

When posting, please search for related or the same issues. In this case there are a few same topics.

We’ve basically narrowed it down to the per application network stats. Disable that and it should remain stable.

I posted this without searching because in the past I had searched for this and had not found a reliable answer. This is because I had continued having issues after disabling network statistics.

I have, once again, turned off network statistics as per your advice, and the crashes have continued, though they are much reduced (now once or twice a week).

Then you will need to upgrade to 2.1.1, which fixes these crashes. Use “Check for New Version”, if you’re running 2.1, or download it from http://whatpulse.org/downloads/