Whatpulse client cannot be opened

Hi there,

I have problem opening the Whatpulse client on Windows 10 desktop.
I changed a new computer, and installed the latest Whatpulse successfully. However, the software cannot be opened, there are only Whatpulse icons in the taskbar (as showed in the screen capture). Any ideas I can solve this problem?



That type of icon indicates the client isn’t logged in yet. Click it once and it should pop up - it’s likely that the “Please login” window is in the background. :smile:

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Thank you for your reply. The client is not poping up, either from exe file or the icon–actually when the mouse moved to those icons, they just disappeared shortly :disappointed_relieved:

Sorry for the delay, didn’t notice the post. :frowning: It seems like something is stopping the client while it’s running - any programs like antivirus or something similar (maybe that blue shield?) that’s giving notifications of shutting down WhatPulse?

I have exactly same problem. Just newly installed windows, and whatpulse won’t start. Any sugestions? It should not be any virus radar, coz im trying without it and results are same.

Try downloading the client from Downloads | WhatPulse once again. It was updated today to prevent errors.

Correct link to download is Downloads | WhatPulse your link go to a user or group, but still i did not get my whatpulse to work :confused:

Then we’ll need more info, like what Windows version? Can I assume you’ve uninstalled the previous version and reinstalled the current version as I requested earlier? And can you show the logs being generated in the app.log in your data directory? ( About Data Files | WhatPulse Help Center )

I dont know what was wrong, but my win 10 say “Support your windos 10 has ended 2018, please up to date your operating system”. It offer me somekind of update - it took 3 HOURS to drive that update. Now my whatpulse work. So… I dont know what was wrong. I have original windows that came with computer i bought 2019, yet it say i have no support, so windows say i get already nosupport win at the time i buy this. To my knowledge, win 10 support has not ended yet, and is on at least next 5 years :slight_smile:

But thanks anyone who try to help!

Hi I still have this problem :anguished:
The logs in the app.log:

19-10-2022 13:03:20.422 INFO “Starting WhatPulse 4.3…”
19-10-2022 13:03:20.422 INFO Creating db connection with name: “wp-db-connection”
19-10-2022 13:03:20.422 INFO Database file: “C:/Users/D i n g/AppData/Local/WhatPulse/whatpulse.db”
19-10-2022 13:03:20.454 INFO Database check: “ok”
19-10-2022 13:03:20.454 INFO Opened database in: 32 ms
19-10-2022 13:03:20.454 INFO Database size: 0 MB
19-10-2022 13:03:20.469 INFO Language changed to “English” via file: “:/languages/whatpulse_en.qm”
19-10-2022 13:03:20.485 INFO Imported 33 facts
19-10-2022 13:03:20.491 INFO Running WhatPulse as Administrator! :slight_smile:
19-10-2022 13:03:20.522 INFO Save file: “C:/Users/D i n g/AppData/Local/WhatPulse/whatpulse.wpw”
19-10-2022 13:03:20.522 ERROR Unable to open savefile
19-10-2022 13:03:20.522 WARN Failed to load ’ “C:/Users/D i n g/AppData/Local/WhatPulse/whatpulse.wpw” ’ - trying backup file
19-10-2022 13:03:20.522 ERROR Unable to open savefile
19-10-2022 13:03:20.691 INFO Loaded application aliases
19-10-2022 13:03:21.829 INFO WhatPulse 4.3 has started