WhatPulse Client API

It would be beneficial to have some API calls for the Client as well (goes for all 3 clients really). Simple calls to get the current keycount, mouse movement and so forth for those who wish to build forms of addons to the client.

What kind of addon could you possibly desire from a keyboard and mouse statistics program? o.o

In the WhatPulse topic on the Kongregate forums we’ve comtemplated about making a Greasemonkey add-on that allows you to track users/teams to compare between them efficiently, but we haven’t found an effective way of doing this. I think add-ons would be great.

Don’t forget we do provide XMLs on the WhatPulse website.


About that, for some reason my XML stats don’t generate. I have the box clicked on my profile an that but it’s not working. Could you manual start XML stats generating for me?

Left a link for wasted to take a look.


Okay, thanks for that!

(I still support this idea though. Like a live feed of pulses by your friends.)

I don’t see the problem? http://whatpulse.org/api/user.php?UserID=275248

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too, but it doesn’t seem to work. There are a few bots that don’t register my stats and there is a program that’s meant to track my usage that doesn’t work.

I was basically hoping to be able to utilize WP for another project which involves keeping track of keyboard activity/typing, by using the web API you are limited to when the uses last pulsed etc, instead of being able to pull it in real time

I’m curious as to what you could mean using this data for. If you don’t want it in public, feel free to private message it to me.


I agree that such an API would be a good idea (although, in my case, this would be for Linux, but the proposal is for all three). That way, I could turn off WhatPulse’s Geek Window, and instead write and use a few simple programs (GetStats, Pulse, NewToken) to interact with WhatPulse. It’d be one program less on the screen.

Need/want it!