WhatPulse caused KartRider error?

WhatPulse caused KartRider error. 《跑跑卡丁車》(韓文:크레이지레이싱 카트라이더,英文:Crazyracing Kartrider)
When the Users Group be execute Administrators.
KartRider.exe appear 0x00948fc4 0x00000008 memory error.
Close WhatPulse KartRider.exe to normal.
Tried and tested.


For starters you need to upgrade to the most recent version of WP Windows, we don’t provide updates or support for old versions. Upgrade to 1.7 and see if it still happens.

If it does, this will most likely be a fight between the two programs trying to gain full access to key hooks. Try disabling the three counting options in settings one by one to see what one is causing the problem.

1.7 ok
good :slight_smile:

So it works now?

The biggest change in 1.7 was the milage counter, so it was probably the two programs clashing with that. :wink: