Whatpulse behaving weirdly

I have been having odd issues with whatpulse this morning and it seems my girlfriend (FrozenSword) is having the same or similar experience. I have set my client to autopulse every hour and this morning it pulsed at 7:40, 8:40 and 9:40 as expected and you can find those pulses in my pulse history. However, at some point after these regular pulses something went wrong…I have confirmed through testing that for some reason whatpulse is not re-zeroing its unpulsed counters upon pulsing so I disabled autopulse for now. If you look at my pulse history you’ll also see that the latest pulse is like a dupe of the previous (like, the second pulse has all the stats of the first plus whatever came up after the first pulse). There were others but I deleted them. If and when this issue is resolved I’ll happily delete one of those pulses if you don’t do it for me. Whatever’s going on I just hope you guys can get to the bottom of this.

Yeah I pulse manually and it seems like on my last pulse it didn’t reset the unpulsed counter to 0, and it copied the application data from my previous pulse. I had to reset the token manually.

Same for me. I noticed I wasn’t pulsing (set to auto pulse at 50k), so I went to the website but I found the website was very slow and sometimes getting the cloudflare error page because of timeouts.

Now this morning I got a notification from WP that my pulse was rejected because I’m being throttled because my activity is unusual (or something like that), and now I see my two latest pulses on the website are yesterday 10pm and today 8am with kind of the same stats, and right now the client still thinks that I have 53k keys unpulsed stats.

So right now I have one “duplicated” pulse already uploaded, and the client is trying to upload another duplicate.

So are you saying that resetting the token got things back to normal? Also, does resetting affect unpulsed stats?

Yes, I had to do that too
Resetting will affect your unpulsed stats.
You get that as a warning too.

I re-enabled auto pulsing today and this time when it pulsed, it went down normally (had 72k keys, pulsed 50k, now I have 22k keys). I deleted the pulse because it was still a duplicate of the last one, but it seems like it will be okay from now on for me. I didn’t reset/relogin etc.

Whenever the website is acting up, it’s possible that the client doesn’t receive the ‘all clear’ back from it when pulsing - sometimes leading to duplicates. You can reset your token to clear any stats you’ve already pulsed - or delete the duplicate pulse from the website.

Guess I should delete my 1.5 million kinda duplicate pulse
even though it would be compensating for a lost 2.3 million pulse I missed back in 2015 due to stupid windows update :smiley:
(since i normally just pulse on the 1st day of the month).

I haven’t deleted it yet though - since the lost pulse
but if most people think I should delete this single pulse done 2nd October 2021, I will do so.