WhatPulse automatically logging in on database creation

On my Windows client I noticed I started getting a lot of token errors so I logged out of WhatPulse and decided to try again on a new computer profile. I logged back in and created a new profile and was able to pulse successfully, however when I exit the program and start it back up again WhatPulse automatically logs me back in to the old profile.
I’ve tried deleting everything in the data directory and a clean install of WhatPulse but it always starts up again with the same profile. Is there any other database directory besides %LOCALAPPDATA%?

There are 2 files that contain data, but only one contains the account information, more info here: http://whatpulse.org/kb/content/2/6/en/data-files.html

The whatpulse.db can be deleted and reset and you will be able to keep being logged in. If the whatpulse.wpw file is deleted, you’re logged out.

If you deleted everything in the data directory and you’re still logged in, you’re using portable mode, where the .wpw and .db are stored in the same directory as the client itself.