Whatpulse automatic timer?

I’ve used 1.5 before, but now I finally upgraded to 1.6

See, I have always set my automatic pulse to 240 hours (every 10 days). I did the same to 1.6, however I realized that suddenly I was pulsing every hour - which I did not want. I tried to fix it, but nothing seemed to make my automatic timer pulse at every 10 days, instead it pulsed every hour.

Is there a time limit on the automatic pulser now? I see that 1 hour is now the limit, or something is wrong with my version - or I’m just missing something.

Can anyone tell me how to set the automatic timer to 240 hours, without it pulsing every hour?

This is a bug in 1.6 and will be fixed for the release of 1.6.2 (which will be released when it’s ready).

Unfortunately there is no known workaround in 1.6.