Whatpulse and LogMeIn

Hello all, new user here.

I am using Whatpulse to track my keystrokes ect. while working on a specific programming project. I would like to be able to work on my application without needing to lug around the code on a flash drive by accessing my computer remotely using LogMeIn.

When I do this I notice that my keystrokes and mouse clicks are not recorded by WhatPulse but my distance traveled is. Is there any way (that is not against the rules) to get keystrokes to be recorded via remote controle?

Thanks everyone.

Tried the Nolag.exe ?

I think the “problem” is a feature: “cheat detection” – I think WhatPulse checks somehow if the key strokes and mouse clicks are made by software and if so they aren’t counted. It’s the same with my computers. I have a server to which I connect via VNC most of the time. The key strokes and mouse clicks are only counted on the client machine. If they were counted on the server too, this would be cheating, wouldn’t it?

Well, if it’s hand-generated, it isn’t cheating. However, if the program thinks it’s cheating, it won’t count the stats you generate, anyways.

BUT… also, if it’s hand-generated, AND it’s giving more keys and clicks than you’re really producing, that’s also cheating.

I am NOT trying to get the key strokes to count multiple times. I am trying to run WhatPulse ONLY on my home PC while remotly connected from my work PC. But I do see the logic behind the program not counting “software generated” keystrokes as protection against cheaters.

I will try the nolag.exe version, though I suspect I’ll get the same results. If (when) that doesn’t work…I guess I’ll have to think of something else.

Thanks everyone.

Just install WhatPulse on your Work PC and only open it when you’re using it, delete all shortcuts and hide the folder.

That doesn’t quite work, as I believe it appears in the registry. At the very least, it appears in the add/remove programs menu.

Switch to an employer who allows any free software as long as it does no harm :wink:

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