Whatpulse 2.xx with an Debian repository?

Is there ran WhatPulse 2.xx Debian/Ubuntu repository that’s active and updated anywhere?

No, not currently.

I’ll update my packages and the PPA as soon as it actually runs on Debian Wheezy :wink:

Which I haven’t got any more, ever since the thread here has gone.

Yep. Good luck. Trying to run the thing on wheezy without much success. :slight_smile:

Ok, so now that a compatible version has been released, I’m trying to create a Debian/Ubuntu package for it.

I’ve got a few questions though:

  1. Under which license is WhatPulse distributed? Also, who/what should I list as copyright and copyright holder?
  2. What’s the difference between the Ubuntu and Debian libraries? (Is there anything fundamental that prevents the Debian binaries from working on Ubuntu, provided that the libraries are available?).
  3. Should I use the “W” with silver background (i.e. the old icon, also in the background on the startup screen) as the icon, or the new logo on the homepage.



  1. It’s closed source, don’t really know if there is a certain license type for that. Never bothered to find out. :slight_smile:
  2. Mostly versions, I even think it’s only libc nowadays. I haven’t tried it, but in theorie the Debian build should run on generic distros, it’s just built against a lower version of libc…
  3. Depends on the size. A simple small/medium image should be the W, bigger images should be the logo.

I’ve been wanting to find out what it takes to create a linux (both generic/debian) package for the clients…I suppose you need to host it somewhere and would like to make an official repository for it…lemme know how you get on!

Thanks for your answers.

I’ll just put something like this in the license field for now, let me know if you want to have it changed:

[quote]Files: *
Copyright: (C) 2013 WhatPulse
License: Closed-Source
WhatPulse is distributed as closed source freeware, which may be used
free of charge. It is provided as an pre-compiled binary, without the
source code.[/quote]
It’d be nice if you could write up a short license that grants rights to use and redistribute the binaries free of chrage, but it isn’t really required.

Creating a Debian package isn’t very hard, but it requires some know-how (documentation is available here). Usually, it consists of a source package, which contains the source code, scripts to build it and some metadata (mostly about which binaries should be installed where). The source package is then compiled into one or more binary packages, which contain only binaries and a list of required libraries (along with some other metadata). Those are then put in a repository, from where users can easily install the binary packages and all their dependencies using the standard tools (if they’ve configured the repository, of course). I’ll push the source packages I created for WhatPulse to https://github.com/oxan/whatpulse-debian once they’re ready (they just extract the binary from the .tar.gz instead of compiling it from source).

Generic Linux package will probably be a lot different; I don’t have any experience with them.