WhatPulse 2.7.2b2


The second 2.7.2 beta has dropped. Here are the highlights:

Milestone History
The Milestones send out a notification when it triggers, but you can know scroll through the trigger history and see when each Milestone was triggered in the past.

Support for network offloading
A lot of new computers can do network offloading in the network interface, which means the network traffic handles differently in the OS. The client used to ignore that in certain hardware configurations, making the network counter inaccurate. This version should fix that, but testing and feedback is very welcome!

Version number confusion
Previously, we versioned the beta versions like ‘2.7.1-1431’ which translated into ‘2.7.2b2’ for internal reasons (the updater). Those reasons were nullified, so we could actually use ‘2.7.2b2’ inside the client. This makes it a lot easier for you to know which beta version you’re on.

This also fixes the continuous “there’s an update!” message that was in 2.7.2b1.

There’s a bit more in 2.7.2b2, have a look at the Changes below to get a full list.

You can also use the updater if you have the “check for betas” option enabled.


Does not run on macOS 10.12.1

dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/QtWidgets.framework/Versions/5/QtWidgets
Referenced from: /Applications/WhatPulse.app/Contents/MacOS/whatpulse
Reason: image not found
Abort trap: 6

“Add support for Win10Pcap”
Would it be possible to support npcap as well?

Finally network counter is accurate again. Good job finding the problem and fixing it, it was about time :smiley:

Thanks! Can I assume you’ve tested a bunch of things and found that the measurements were correct?

[quote=“Qriz, post:2, topic:15115”]
Does not run on macOS 10.12.1[/quote]

That’s odd, one of the test machines is on 10.12.1…Did you use the updater or new download?

Download seems very accurate, upload looks like a bit to good. WhatPulse shows 6.5MB/s and up to 7MB/s, while actual usage is around 5.5MB/s (checked with uTorrent, NetWorx, and my router (no other PCs, phones, … connected) speed counter

[quote=“smitmartijn, post:6, topic:15115”]

I tried both. But neither works.

b3 is fine :slight_smile: Thanks

Really, “b3” when not even the download in this thread is available! :frowning:




… Is just fine; the one that we don’t need. :-/

Edit: Although, eye can see that it’s out:


[color=gray]Dafuq! :-f[/color]

That’s probably because this is the thread for b2, not b3. Simply use the updater and get b3.

Used the updater, got attached result… So, how to get Beta 3 then? :huh:

Dude, this thread is for 2.7.2 from 3 years ago. 2.9b2 is the latest available.

Aaah, damn it. Sorry… Just read “Beta 2”. Maybe consider using the build ID instead of “Beta X”?
Besides, how to report a bug? I’ve unticked “Open main window on start”, yet WP always opens upon any Windows reboot… :frowning: