Whatpulse 2.6.x not starting on MS Surface Pro 2


I’ve got Whatpulse running on my Windows 8.1 desktop, but I can’t get it to work on my Microsoft Surface Pro 2. I can install it, start it, it asks for the right permissions, and then nothing.

The process is running, but nothing else. No icon in the system tray, no way to open it. And I can’t kill the process either.

Any help to get it to work would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


I don’t think you will be able to get this running, as the Windows client is not designed for a Surface.

The Surface Pro is a full blown Windows 8.1 PC, it’s not the Windows RT machine I’m talking about, which only allows apps from the Microsoft Store to be installed.

So I hope I’ll get it to run, maybe when I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 when released.

It might be a “full blown pc” - but the underlaying architecture is different. Applications need to take that into account before it can run. Which, as I mentioned, WhatPulse does not.

I have an x64 Windows tablet that runs WhatPulse just fine, although touches/keys aren’t counted unless I hook up a USB mouse and keyboard.

To get it to work, I had to elevate WatPulse to Admin privileges on the first run (right-click the icon, then click run as Administrator) kill the process and the watchdog via task manager after nothing popped up, then run it again with Admin privileges. I don’t know the exact mechanisms behind why this is the case, but it worked.

I’ve running Whatpulse on an MS Surface Pro 3 (Win8.1 Pro x64) without any critical problems (except: touches/keys aren’t counted - with USB Mouse and Keyboard everything works fine)