WhatPulse 2.0 stats not counted


I just noticed that my WhatPulse 2.0 (on Ubuntu 12.10) is not counting clicks when using my touchpad, but it is counting clicks when using my external mouse.

I don’t know if it did count my clicks on previous versions, I just noticed because I was installing the 2.0 client.
It’s not really an issue to me (since I use my mouse 99% of the time), but I think it’s worth mentioning.

I’m using Whatpulse 2.0 on OS X and I don’t think my keystrokes are counted. The click counts looks about accurate. I’m using a Dvorak keyboard set-up but that was not a problem with the previous version of Whatpulse.

Dear developpers, please fix that.

Thanks in advance

You know that annoying pop-up when you launch WP 2.0 about allowing access in the universal access preference pane ? Well… Let’s just say WP 2.0 works a lot better after access is granted :slight_smile:

That’s exactly why that ‘annoying’ popup is there! :wink:

I cannot remember having such a popup. Weird.