Whatpulse 2.0 slows down my internet speed

When I start Whatpulse my download speed will slow down (from for example 300 kb/s to 120 kb/s!) And when I close Whatpulse, my insternet speed will increase again to 300 kb/s.

How do you measure that speed and where are you downloading from?

2.0 has been tested with speeds over 120MB/s, and will not cause a delay for your network traffic when it’s running.

I am using Origin and when Whatpulse runs, the speed will be slowed down.

Well, I can guarantee it isn’t cause by the client, but you can try to disable network statistics and see what happens.

Sorry, but I think that my internet problems where caused by a beta of AVG. I don’t know this for sure.
I see that after I put WhatPulse on, IE 9 has difficulties with loading pages (it takes much longer or it never end.) And when I put WhatPulse off, the problem is gone.

AVG has been running into a lot of problems lately that slows down your performance. I would suggest using a different antivirus program.