WhatPulse 2.0 drains all CPU

Yesterday I’ve updated WhatPulse to the new version, but now I can’t have it opened. The computer became to slow. I can’t open any game, and even browser can’t open a simple page (like google) in less than a minute…

If I open the Task Manager, the WhatPulse aplication is “taking care” of more than 90% of CPU.

Did anyone noticed the same?


What exactly are your specs?

Intel C2D E6600 (2.4GHz)
ATI Radeon HD6870 (1GB GDDR5)

I know the processor is not very good, but with the WhatPulse’s previous version I don’t have a single problem…

I tried to unmonitor network traffic and system uptime but it keeps draining all the CPU…

WhatPulse should not be (and indeed can’t) use all of your CPU if you’re running a Core 2 Duo; WhatPulse can only run on one thread. Check via task manager how much CPU it’s actually using.

You could also try to disable network stats, maybe winpcap is doing something weird.


Please first try disabling network statistics to see if the problems persists. If that doesn’t help, disable input statstics.

That would tell us more to what exactly the problem is.

It happens from time to time on my machines, from lowly netbooks to the mega 32 thread rigs. I usually have to wait until it lets me open Task Manager and exit it that way.

Ideally though WhatPulse should be on the lowest CPU priority anyway from install.

Yea, I’ve used ProcessLasso and set it to one thread and idle/low priority and it still uses up that whole thread it’s running on.

I’ve observed that it happens mainly at boot up or if the system is under a heavy load (on two of my machines running Windows). Tho on my main system it’s cpu usage climbs above 10% periodically throughout the day even at idle or light loads like playing a movie; these smaller spikes I would attribute to the network stats, but when it climbs above 20-30% for me WP is usually completely hung up and I have to kill the process.