WhatPulse 2.0 and Windows 8

I have just installed the new WhatPulse 2.0 client on Windows 8.
Somehow it seems to has problems, I don’t see a tray icon and no window appears.

I deleted the files below my profile (C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\WhatPulse). Killed the WhatPulse process and relaunched it, with no effect.

It could be a problem with the WinPcap driver, as Windows displayed a message that it has known compatibility issues.

Has anyone running the new client succesfully on Windows 8?

Running WhatPulse 2.0 on two different Windows 8 systems.

I canceled the WinPcap install. I also received numerous smart screen-filter errors during installation, which I needed to skip (unknown publisher errors). WhatPulse.exe needed to be killed, because it wouldn’t overwrite the previous installed WhatPulse client.

WhatPulse runs now. I don’t want it to log network statistics, and I dislike WinPcap in general, because it hogs performance. WhatPulse succesfully logs my keys, and it can pulse, so the most important things work.

What doesn’t work is recovery from hibernation nor from sleep. If you recover from one of those two, WhatPulse crashes with an error. I didn’t have time to test this on Windows 7 yet, maybe it’s only Windows 8.

Edit: Attached screenshots to clarify hibernation/sleep problem.

I have windows 8 as well and everything works allright. So no hibernation problems, except one thing. It is not counting my network up- and download.

I tried beta before. Same issues as before. Icon disapears/stats not counted/hanging whatpulse.
Problems solved by removing winpcap and turnoff network statisics.
Reinstall whatpulse was necessary as it stopped working.
Switched back to 1.x version as there was no response on betaforum thread.

New version works great apart from the networking part.

More people have hibernation issues. They seem to be on Windows XP as well: http://whatpulse.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=1992

I seem to have found the issue of the crashing. My laptop usually sits in the part of my house where the wireless is barely reached, and the wireless connection is often lost. Every time it lost/regained connection, whatpulse crashed. This is related to sleeping/hibernating too because during sleep and hibernation your connection is disabled, and when resuming you regain your connection, which makes whatpulse crash for some reason.

Now that I’ve disabled the network statistics and uninstalled that winpcap driver, my laptop’s whatpulse seems to work flawlessly, and resumes from sleep and hibernation without any crashes as well.

What’s interesting is that I’ve also tested sleeping/hibernating on my windows 7 PC, and despite my network showing as disconnected for a few seconds after resuming from sleep, Whatpulse didn’t crash at all.

2.0 tries to ‘rehook’ the network interfaces when Windows gives a signal that is have woken up. The crashes are probably because Windows gives that signal before the network interfaces are really ready. I’ll put it a timer that waits a few seconds before doing the rehook.

My whatpulse also crashes when losing and regaining wireless connection signals though. Most of the time when it crashes this way it doesn’t even leave a message that it crashed, it just disappears.

The same problem Robby250 have happens for me too. Whatpulse just disappears when it returns from hibernation, no error message at all. But i don’t have wireless connection.

Is this something that we can prevent in windows? Or is it the code that needs to be changed in whatpulse?

Found a solution concerning the network capturing problem. After you install the client shut it down and download winpcap from the official site. http://www.winpcap.org/install/default.htm

Install it with compatibility settings (Win XP/SP3) and run the client.

It worked fine for me using Win 8.


I don’t think you can speed up initialisation of the network. I’d say it does it as fast as it can, because so many other services/applications depend on the network. It’s just not fast enough for the WhatPulse client.

It has already been fixed, but we’re putting in some more fixes before it goes on the website, hold tight.