WhatPulse 2.0.4 - Not recording Network traffic

Hi! I’m running WhatPulse v2.0 on Win7 Home premium x64.

It seems to not be recording or detecting any sort of network traffic at all,I have installed WinPCap and it doesn’t seem to record network.
See image:

Besides using the Snipping Tool, you can use ALT+PrtSc to take a screenshot in Windows…

Anyway, have you updated your Windows with the Service Pack 1 (probably any updates won’t matter, but it might be like a driver issue for example), then a friend of mine was having an issue when connecting with the wireless adapter; also a bunch of people are having problems with this in 64-Bit Linux, which, again, might not be your problem.

Maybe try the WP Beta client && a newer WinPcap?..