Whatpulse 1.6 Problem

I just downloaded WhatPulse 1.6, and installed it, but if i change the program settings, the whole program doesn’t function anymore but it still counts clicks and stuff.

And I found also the first time something weird, I set the pulsetime on one hour and on the menu stand: Pulse! (Auto in: -21354648 s) Or something like that.

The only way to get it working again is to kill the process, and restart the whatpulse program. I did this for already four times.

Also in 1.5 you got the clicks and stuff you have at that moment, and in 1.6 everything resets to zero.

Well I think personally, back to the drawingtable (some people do say it here, it doesn’t have any negative meaning), And fix the problems wich weren’t in the 1.5 version…

This is from the standard settings to the attached pictures how it is now.


and now i’m 60 minutes further, and what happens, no pulse…

so I lost: 3000 keys, 1000 clicks and 100 metres mouse movement, thanks whatpulse 1.6!

Problem is known. They are working on it.
See my topic: Can’t pulse in Whatpulse version 1.6 (XP-Home SP3)

I’m not allowed to post url’s unless I have 15 posts, so you have to search the topic for yourself. It’s in “Support/Whatpulse for windows”

I already saw it earlier today. Everything is working fine and why did they make 1.6…? I really don’t understand

What doesn’t function exactly? Not a very helpful paragraph.

This has been fixed for the next release.

What? Where? When?

Bugs are being fixed as quickly as they can and will be available for the next maintenance release. Most of the known bugs are either being fixed or have already been fixed.

This is another known bug. It’s on the priority list and we are trying our best to find the cause of it. It doesn’t affect all users, however, hence making the issue harder to find.

I myself have lost well over 2 million keys through development and testing, 3,000 keys isn’t that much :wink:

1.5 had many of its own problems, 1.6 solved a lot of them but the difference between the two is huge and bugs are to be expected.

Calm down and just go back to 1.5 until we release the next build with fixes.

Here are some answers on the questions you made

what exactly doesn’t function, if you want to pulse, doubleclick on the icon doesn’t work, ctrl+alt+p, will pulse, but it keeps hanging on the pulse logo (green round), and rightmouseclick and then pulse, is the same problem as ctrl+alt+p

If the program wouldn’t pulse in Whatpulse 1.5, you have to kill the process, same as 1.6, but the difference is in version 1.5, you got the keystrokes, clicks and miles still the amount when you kill the process. And under 1.6 it’s all gone.

I’m not a developer and no tester, I’m just a person who wants to use it aka simple user. so 3000 keys for me is pretty much…

the 18 months I use this program, I used all the time version 1.5 beta ?? and I had never any problem, no crashes, no problems with pulsing, nothing…

I am calm, always people are saying that, calm down, and that people make me crazy… and I’m now already back on 1.5, maybe an idea to put it also back on download page…?

And the new lay-out it’s better, but where is the 7 days with activity on the bottom of the user page? I really miss it…

The killing process issue has been fixed in the next release. It’s unfortunate what you are losing keys when 1.6 crashes - I cannot reproduce at all. What OS are you using? Where is WhatPulse installed to?

1.5 was never really a beta - It was relatively stable. Again, many people were having problems with 1.5, including but not limited to losing keys every time they restarted their computer in Vista, whatpulse.wpw file corruption across all OS’s, etc. 1.6 fixes both those problems.

As much effort as possible is going into fixing 1.6.

… Still there. Have a closer look.

OS: Windows XP SP3

Sorry, can’t understand that question

Well you have to look very good :expressionless: but it is there :slight_smile:

What directory did you install WhatPulse to? The default? (C:\Program Files\WhatPulse)?

Yes, everything default.

Alright, well. Wait until 1.6.2 is released (probably very, very soon) and give that a go.