whatpulse 1.5

Ok so here is my situation i have been running 1.5 since before most of you have been pulsing it broke a while back when the servers changed or something and i remember i had to dick around with the host files i went to pulse as i got a email from what pulse saying my account will be deactivated if i don’t im getting “Error: Could not connect to server.”

no here is the troubling situation the last i checked i had about 29 million keys not pulsed (give or take) that i would like to pulse before i go ahead and upgrade to the latest version of what pulse (yes i know i skipped a few builds ect ect) to be honest im not looking for a lecture just to pulse my pulse and move on to the newest build it also looks like my computers were removed but not my profiles

any help would be greatly appreciated if it can be done thats great if it can’t sucks looks like i lost a year of pulses

thanks again,

As mentioned in other threads, it is important to pulse regularly for this exact reason. Do you have a screenshot showing your current unpulsed keys? 29 million is quite a lot for a year.

I’m sorry, but there is no compatibility with 1.x and 2.x versions and no way to transfer unpulsed stats between them. I’m thinking (can’t verify, as I don’t even have the source for 1.5 anymore) that the URL used in 1.5 (over 7 years old) is different from the 1.7 one (which is verified to still work for now), which is why you can’t pulse anymore. This was done for a reason, as 1.5 was abused.

All I can say is to start using the latest version and pay attention to end of support notices…I know that’s not what you were looking for, but there’s no other option available.