What pulse is not uploading my Download and Upload stats?


I have pulsed several times however my Download and upload stats on my whatpulse account are not updating. Everything else is updating fine.

I have over 130GB download on my client but only 64GB download on what pulse account after pulsing?

Here is my client: http://gyazo.com/bd7d5bb1ba54b93178422d066ff79bd3
Here is my Whatpulse account (After pulse) :http://gyazo.com/077dcb3286eb527cd98cd8dccfc6e457
Here is my Whatpulse settings page: http://gyazo.com/e9a1a600cf8395d66fc86b3b69a48e0a



I’m getting inconsistent stats as well:

Notice time elapsed and amount of data already done.

Notice last pulse and current unpulsed data stats.

I’ve got 64bit version running on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit with all dependencies installed and permissions set up using the provided script.

The client (or pcap) has a threshold of around 50Mbit or some systems (lower specs) where if you cross that threshold, it can’t keep up with all the traffic.

Otherwise, a lot of people don’t seem to notice this: http://whatpulse.org/kb/content/2/30/en/what-network-traffic-stats-are-counted-on-the-website.html

It works well on my main Windows desktop though; accounts for every GB I download/upload. The above screen shot was actual internet traffic as well, not LAN traffic. But yeah, sounds like libpcap is not reporting correctly in Ubuntu. :-/

Yeah, same here.

Do you think there is a fix for it?

So I kept an eye on the Network tab while downloading some files. Firefox was downloading a 506 MB file and it’s download manager said A.BC MB/s, but at the same time, Whatpulse’s network tab was saying A.BC Mbit/s. It registered 63 MB downloaded (which x8 is just under 506 MB) …

I’ve tried multiple previous versions, including betas, and none of them seems to want to work. :frowning:

v2.3b1 seems to have fixed this. Thanks guys!