What do you think the odds are?

So, I got a new computer a few months ago (LONG overdue) and fixed up my old one to give to my cousin. It installed and opened Whatpulse on his computer (unfortunately, the old version, so they need to hurry a little). He currently has no Internet.

He has typed 800k last time I asked, mostly from his obsessive S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Morrowind playing. What do you think the odds are of the pulse actually going through? He’s pretty nervous, as he’s seen me get about 3-4 token errors per week.

Luckily, I only lose 3-4k each time, because I pulse quite often.

Well can’t he back up the pulse somehow before pulsing? I would be nervous plusing as well.

Token Errors? I havent had this before, and now im worried coz im saving a large pulse up.

Are you sure that would even work with a token error?

Either way, what file do you have to back up?

And I’d personally suggest against building up large pulse. A lot of people like doing it, but with the chance of getting a token error I wouldn’t like to take the chance. Imagine getting up to a 3million pulse, like many people do, and finding out that it was all for nothing!

I hate it when people build large pulses and something goes wrong and all they do is bitch and complain about how useless WhatPulse is and blah blah blah. Really gets up my nose.

Set WP to pulse every 50k-100k keys and forget it was ever there. If you lose it, no big deal, if you don’t lose it, you won’t even know because it’s automatically done for you. The end. :slight_smile:

Agree with bobL, set my whatpulse to pulse every 10,000 keystrokes so invalid taken error messages don’t really bother me that much (Not that i get them that often any more)

My cousin doesn’t have that option bobL.

And? I’m not talking about the people that don’t have the option, I’m talking about the people that do and still bitch about it.

Token errors will eventually be non-existent due to accidents I hope, however they are pretty rare as it is not. There’s only been a few reports of them since 1.6 came out and most of those were either errors on the user’s behalf or just something really bizarre that can’t be fixed anyway.

Hehe, well just in case this issue causes any problems for me, I pulsed the 200k keystrokes I had stored, and have gone back to pulsing every hour. That way I will never lose more than 10k keystrokes at any one time from a Token Error or any other type of error which will disallow me the ability to pulse.

I had a token error when I first installed the 1.6 client on windows XP but after requesting a new token and then restarting whatpulse I havn’t ran into a problem since. :smiley:

Yeah. Seems most of the problems are on first install for some reason. Hopefully 1.6.2 might fix it, dunno how though!

Not always - I had my token error one or two pulses in. You’re gonna grant me 80k keys, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I’ll just bitch at you about pulsing less keys :wink: